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In Dialog with Dr. Shahnoz Rustamova — Pioneer in Scalar Power Enhancement/Wellness Therapeutic, New York.

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  • In Dialog with Dr. Shahnoz Rustamova — Pioneer in Scalar Power Enhancement/Wellness Therapeutic, New York.

In Dialog with Dr. Shahnoz Rustamova — Pioneer in Scalar Power Enhancement/Wellness Therapeutic, New York.

Written by Xavier— Posted in mai 23, 2023

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Dr. Shahnoz Rusatmova

To have a fuller understanding of this topic — EE (Power Enhancement) expertise and the way it could also be an energetic a part of the long run face of luxurious wellness, you have to first keep in mind the thought and which means of evolution: how far we’ve come and the way far we could possibly go.  For instance, within the early nineteenth century, the thought of cellphones and its contact expertise would have appeared unthinkable. Additionally, cathode ray and flat display screen televisions, radios, desk and laptop computer computer systems, or something utilizing electromagnetic wave expertise — all with waves bouncing forwards and backwards to create power fields, all invisible, however with the flexibility to recharge and illuminate, would even have boggled the thoughts. 

Tesla’s hypotheses concerning the makes use of of sunshine and alternating currents within the 1890’s turned the bases of his innovations of electrical oscillators, meters, improved lighting, and the high-voltage transformer often called the Tesla Coil. He additionally understood and additional outlined the speculation (again then) of alternating currents of electrical energy. After receiving a patent on the electrical transmission of energy in Might of 1888, Tesla subsequently demonstrated alternating present electrical energy on the World Columbian Exposition in Chicago in 1893. He then designed the primary hydroelectric powerplant in Niagara Falls in 1895.

The purpose is—  his concepts incubated, then developed, particularly relating to gentle and electrical energy. 

And now, one of the compelling, present innovations that mix each gentle and electrical energy, with substantial future wellness potentialities, is known as the EE system. 

The Power Enhancement System ™ Know-how and its makes use of have already been offered at quite a few Nationwide and Worldwide medical, scientific, and plenty of different well being conferences together with the American Academy for Anti-Ageing Medication and the Radiation Oncology Committee Assembly. Dr. Victor Marcial-Vega, M.D., John Hopkins analysis doctor, Professor of Oncology, has testified earlier than Congress, and spearheaded medical research and analysis into this EE Know-how. 

.The system was designed and developed  by Sandra Rose Michael, Ph.D., DNM, DCSJl.  This method culminated in a multi-computer system, producing terribly bio-active life-enhancing fields together with Scalar fields. These fields permit mobile regeneration and creates right-left mind synchronization as documented with EEG testing.  The custom-installed computer systems generate power fields that always promote measurable therapeutic.  All of this may occasionally appear too good to be true, however a lot analysis has been completed already at Johns Hopkins, The College of Chicago and different establishments which have supplied extra formal knowledge assortment, based mostly on each quantitative and qualitative methodologies.

To additional perceive and discover the potentialities of this exploration of therapeutic with EE expertise, we spoke with Dr. Shahnoz Rustamova, who has integrated this EE System™ into her OB/GYN medical observe in New York Metropolis. Dr. Rustamova has been acknowledged by the Worldwide Affiliation of Prime Professionals and was awarded « Girl of The Yr 2017,’ ‘Prime Docs of New York 2018,” and a “Well being Care Hero” award in 2021 for her front-line work in COVID-19 reduction. 

As a pioneer within the Medical Spa/Wellness trade, Dr. Rustamova makes use of the newest applied sciences, combining them with mainstream drugs. 

Along with her observe, Dr. Rustamova additionally believes in giving again to the group by means of her nonprofit group

We have been lucky to debate the evolution of EE therapeutic strategies, and the newest in EE applied sciences with Dr. Rustamova. 

Dr. Rustamova

JustLuxe:  In your opinion, is the idea of wellness evolving from behavioral to a extra intuitive, religious thought?

Dr. Rustamova: In my observe, it’s certainly evolving that manner, as a result of with EE gentle remedy, the affected person evolves — she or he creates a state of potential, based mostly on intention. Here’s a current instance:  one among my sufferers, a 79-year-old girl had uterine most cancers, was handled, nevertheless it returned, she was given Oxycodone– a robust painkiller, by her major care doctor, and was instructed to go dwelling.  She got here to us, in ache, and in a wheelchair.  We urged she sit in one among our chairs, chill out, and picture herself as she desires to be — her intention was to really feel higher; her potential is to be effectively.  After her EE remedy remedy, she stated she did really feel higher, extra comfy, not a lot in ache.  And he or she started to stroll, leaving her wheelchair behind. We instructed her, as we do all our purchasers: our objective is, although we aren’t in a position to treatment illness fairly but, we are able to, by means of the EE expertise, honoring Tesla for his discoveries, make her extra comfy, and with out ache meds. 

Dr. Rustomova

JustLuxe: How, typically, does Tesla Gentle remedy, a subtext of EE Remedy, work, and what’s its objective?

Dr. Rustamova: Nicely, its objective is to reset the cost of your cells. In order that your cells might be basically re-charged, and de-toxified and its result’s feeling younger, as your cell construction has been modified. Possibly with this remedy, the 70 millivoltage because it was in our youth, may be achieved once more.  In maturing, getting older, our mobile construction can also be getting outdated: it has been uncovered to meals toxins, environmental instability, emotional issues, heaven is aware of what else. With this EE remedy, the affected person recharges, and feels higher.  Our remedy session is often two hours or much less.   There’s a physics behind the idea, and the Tesla gentle philosophy behind THAT.

Tesla was a genius — he lived within the early twentieth century and died in 1943, who was fascinated by gentle which was seen, however really fascinated by the electrical currents, the sunshine creators, that have been invisible. He created the primary gentle bulb, and the fluorescent tube and what is called the Tesla Coil. With all these innovations, he hypothesized there have been three energies: electrical, magnetic, and gravitational, they could possibly be combined and matched, and the power behind these have been what he known as Scalar Power on the quantum, or the tremendous potential, degree. 

Dr. Rustamova

JustLuxe: What does this need to do with the sufferers who seek for better wellness as they get older?

Dr. Rustamova: Electrical, and gravitational, and magnetic are three several types of power fields and as Tesla realized they may remixed and matched as theses sorts change kind — however they’re all the time circulating and may be manipulated,  The supply of these power fields is what physicists known as Scalar Power — and behind that’s mainly the Scalar Tremendous Potential, it’s nonetheless rising, and now, Scalar power is being labored on to heal infections, together with HIV, and due to utilizing one of these power, we are able to see that viral masses have diminished.   

Whenever you come into our room with the Scalar gentle fields on the monitor, you obtain the emitted energy, and your cells have the innate changeability to rejuvenate, and to evolve. Far more analysis is being performed now, as extra potential advantages related to this expertise embrace:

•Enhanced mobile communication: Scalar power is believed to enhance the communication between cells within the physique, which might enhance general mobile perform and promote therapeutic.

•Elevated power and vitality: By enhancing the power circulate inside the physique, scalar power could assist to extend power ranges and enhance general vitality.

•Improved immune system perform: Scalar power is believed to stimulate the immune system, which may also help to strengthen the physique’s pure defenses in opposition to illness and an infection.

•Diminished irritation: The anti-inflammatory properties of Scalar power could assist to scale back irritation within the physique, which is a standard reason for ache and discomfort.

•Improved psychological readability: Scalar power is believed to assist stability the mind hemispheres, which might promote psychological readability, focus, and emotional stability.

•Enhanced detoxing: The Scalar Power Enhancement System is believed to advertise the elimination of poisons from the physique by enhancing the physique’s pure detoxing processes.

However, proper now, it is very important notice that the advantages of the Scalar Power Enhancement system are nonetheless being studied, and extra analysis is required to totally perceive its potential advantages and dangers. Our data of that is evolving.

JustLuxe: Talking of evolution, are we to imagine this technique is simply at first levels?

Dr. Rustamova: It actually is!  We’re nonetheless within the drugs/medicine age — a partial consequence of Newtonian physics.  However Tesla intuited there was one thing else that motivated gravity, electrical energy, and magnetism– these three energies that work with therapeutic. We’re working towards a extra holistic, intuitive manner of therapeutic — It could take a technology to evolve or perhaps extra. We’re in the beginning, we could make errors, however our pleasure is within the training and the evolution. And we’re prepared for each.






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