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Winter Experience in Les 2 Alpes


Winter mountain vacations offer a myriad of exciting activities for all snow lovers. Whether you’re a seasoned skier, an intrepid snowboarder or simply looking for a family winter adventure, the mountains have everything you need. Renowned ski resorts invite you to hurtle down snow-covered slopes, soak up the adrenaline and enjoy spectacular views. Perfectly groomed slopes offer fast, challenging descents, while snow parks attract fans of tricks and jumps.

… Winter mountain vacations: a paradise of outdoor activities …

For those who prefer a more leisurely approach to the mountains, snowshoeing is an ideal activity. Donning wide, special snowshoes, you can explore snowy trails and pristine landscapes while soaking up the natural beauty of winter. Snowshoe hikes are accessible to all levels and are a great way to connect with nature and discover breathtaking views.

In addition to snow-specific activities, the altitude and fresh mountain air also offer numerous health benefits. Fresh, clean air stimulates breathing, boosts the immune system and improves sleep quality. What’s more, winter sports such as skiing and snowboarding work every muscle in the body, providing a complete and revitalizing physical workout. Combined with the beautiful, soothing surroundings of snow-capped mountains, winter mountain vacations are a breath of fresh air for body and mind.

…. Enjoy the fresh air, altitude and health benefits …

In conclusion, winter mountain vacations are an ideal destination for unforgettable moments with family and friends. Whatever your level, you’ll find activities to suit your preferences. The pleasures of skiing, snowboarding, snowshoeing and many other winter activities await you in mountain resorts. Enjoy the fresh air, altitude and health benefits the mountains have to offer. Let yourself be seduced by the beauty of winter and create lasting memories in an enchanting setting.


200 km

Ski Area





1650 – 3600 m


200 km

Ski Area





1650 – 3600 m


Les 2 Alpes : A sunny ski paradise

Located in the majestic French Alps, the Les 2 Alpes ski resort offers an exceptional ski area that will delight winter sports enthusiasts of all levels. With its generous sunshine and breathtaking panoramas, this destination is a true paradise for winter sports enthusiasts.

The Les 2 Alpes ski area boasts an impressive network of ski runs, with more than 90 marked trails. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced skier, you’ll find runs to suit your level. Beginners can enjoy gentle, well-groomed runs to learn the basics of skiing, while more experienced skiers will delight in technical runs offering challenges to match their skills.


For those who prefer cross-country skiing, Les 2 Alpes also offers a variety of itineraries through enchanting landscapes. You can explore the region on marked trails, enjoying the calm and beauty of the surrounding countryside.

Snowboard enthusiasts will not be outdone, as Les 2 Alpes also boasts a renowned snowboard stadium. Riders can indulge their passion on modern, perfectly equipped facilities, with modules and courses to suit all levels.

… resort promises an unforgettable experience …

With 43, skiers have easy access to all the slopes in the area. Modern, efficient lifts mean you can make the most of your day on the slopes, without having to wait long to reach the summits.

Finally, another strong point of Les 2 Alpes is its constant sunshine. Thanks to its ideal exposure, the resort enjoys generous sunshine throughout the winter season, providing bright, pleasant days on the slopes.

Whether you’re a beginner looking for new sensations or an expert looking for a challenge, Les 2 Alpes ski resort promises an unforgettable experience. With its vast ski area, slopes for all levels, cross-country skiing facilities and snowboard stadium, this destination is a true Alpine gem for mountain and board lovers.

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Spend a day at altitude and experience the excitement of skiing in a majestic setting. Enjoy breathtaking views as you hurtle down the snow-covered slopes. Treat yourself to a well-earned break in a high-altitude restaurant, where you can enjoy a sun-drenched lunch on the terrace. A perfect day for sunbathing, relaxing and family skiing. An unforgettable outdoor experience awaits you!


Les 2 Alpes : A sunny ski paradise

Our dedicated team has put together all the essential information for your stay or day out in the mountains! With the detailed piste map, you’ll never get lost again.

Consult the webcams to check conditions in real time. And after a day of action, take advantage of our selection of high-altitude restaurants. We’ve also thought about booking your packages. Get ready for an unforgettable mountain experience!


Discover and download the maps of the slopes to organize your stay.

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Find the establishments in altitude for a gourmet meal or simply enjoy a 360° terrace.

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Discover the webcams in the resort and at the top of the slopes from the comfort of your home!

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four seasons in Les 2 Alpes resort


Summer Experience in Les 2 Alpes

More than the pleasures of taste, mountain vacations also offer a culturally enriching experience. Perched villages, traditional chalets and local markets offer a chance to discover the authenticity of the region, and to come into contact with its warm and welcoming inhabitants. Moments of conviviality and exchange that will leave lasting memories.

A summer vacation in the mountains is the ideal way to recharge your batteries and enjoy a multitude of benefits. First and foremost, the pleasant climate is ideal for outdoor activities. Sunny days are ideal for hiking, mountain biking, climbing and horseback riding, offering moments of relaxation and discovery of the surrounding nature.

… a real treat for the taste buds …

In addition to sporting activities, the mountains offer a veritable feast for the senses. Local products such as mountain cheeses, artisanal charcuterie, local wine are a real treat for the taste buds. Young and old alike can sample regional specialties, discover new flavors and indulge in wholesome, local gourmet meals.

Fill up on activities !

Last but not least, the mountains in summer offer the ideal setting to relax and recharge your batteries. Majestic landscapes, crystal-clear lakes and peaceful trails allow you to connect with nature, disconnect from everyday stress and rediscover your inner balance. Holidaymakers can enjoy moments of tranquillity, contemplation and meditation, promoting physical and mental well-being.

… perfect cocktail for moments of relaxation…

In conclusion, summer mountain vacations are a real source of benefits for the whole family. Between the pleasant climate, generous sunshine and local delicacies, they offer the perfect cocktail for moments of relaxation, discovery and rejuvenation. Whether for sports enthusiasts, gourmets in search of flavors or nature lovers, the mountains in summer are a veritable paradise to explore.

Discover more than 100 restaurants & bars

Discover more than 100 restaurants & bars


Autumn Experience in Les 2 Alpes

Spending the autumn months in the mountains offers many advantages. Walks to the heart of the peaks offer magnificent scenery, enhanced by the shimmering colors of the season. The scents of autumn permeate the air, blending the freshness of the undergrowth with the softness of falling leaves

… more authentic and tranquil experience …

What’s more, this period offers the chance to meet wild animals in their natural habitat. Mild temperatures allow you to enjoy hiking without being bothered by the cold, before comforting yourself with a delicious mulled wine in a welcoming bar. Finally, autumn is a less touristy season, offering a more authentic and tranquil experience.

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Spring Experience in Les 2 Alpes

Spending the spring months in the mountains has many advantages. First of all, this is the period when the snow melts, offering spectacular scenery and a diversity of colors. Nature awakens, with flowers coming into bloom, creating a bucolic atmosphere.

… spring is the ideal time for a snowshoe walk …

What’s more, the spring sun provides a gentle warmth, perfect for enjoying outdoor activities. Even as winter fades away, you can still ski or cross-country ski, with fewer crowds on the slopes. Finally, spring is the ideal time for a snowshoe walk, allowing you to explore the snow-covered trails in a peaceful and rejuvenating way.

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